I believe that I have a sickness…

As I said in the post before this, I love to read and I love books. I collect them in a sense – I don’t throw any of the books I have read away and haven’t done so in quite some time. I’d guesstimate that I’ve got around 500 or so and they all mean something to me because they’ve all taken places. Most aren’t worth anything – at least not now – but I’ve also got a first edition (with the errors) of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and a first edition of Michael Chabon’s Wonder Boys that is also signed by the author.

This part isn’t really the sickness, though. My problem – my sickness – is that I can’t stop buying books. I love being in a book store and can’t help wandering around. I can be in the middle of one book and see another and convince myself that I need to buy it now. I don’t know why it is, but I just can’t wait until I’m done with the one I’m on – I feel compelled to get the next one before I’m done.

Well, they add up, and what happens is that I end up with a stack of books that I still have to read. If you look down at the left side of this site, you’ll see a picture that I took recently of just a few. So I’ve now vowed that I have to do something about it. I’m not going to buy another book until I’ve made it through that stack. Now keep in mind, there are probably two more stacks like that one. But I’m going to try to knock the stack down a little.

I’m currently reading Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman, by Mary Tillman, and will move on to one of the others once I’m done. Because of school, I’m not able to get through them as quickly as I’d like, but I’ve got to figure out a way to stick to this. Is there a program for this???

At any rate, because that picture is somewhat cut off, here’s what’s in it:

Don’t worry, I’ll cross them off as I go – I’m sure you’re concerned… ha…

2 thoughts on “I believe that I have a sickness…

  1. A good “sickness” to have. Wish I could help you but I haven’t been able to find a cure for it yet.

    As per your last post, I would have to say that though I absolutely embrace technology in every sense, reading Doctor Seuss at bedtime to my children someday from an iPad or Kindle just doesn’t seem as sincere. I dunno…

  2. I have to disagree, Holly. What a horrible sickness to have! How expensive! Not to mention the potential for next guest on Hoarders.

    I haven’t solved the hoarding problem, but I have solved the expensive part. One of the perks living next to PSU Libraries is unlimited access to *almost* any book in the world. And since I’m a grad student (and the wife of a lecturer), I have unlimited renewal power! I can literally check out books for years, which is exactly what intend to do. Yessssssss.

    But I can sympathize. I used to have that sickness too. And my best friend is the manager of our local Barnes & Noble, so that doesn’t help. And my husband is a potential book hoarder, so I have that to contend with. Our house rule: For every new book that is brought into the house, one from the collection must be donated.

    My advice…. find yourself a good library.

    P.S. – Fascinating list.

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