Say It Isn’t So – The Outfield (1985)

Quite simply, this bad boy has it all! Everything the 80s encompassed in cheesy video can be found in this one.

Spinning drumsticks — check

Mullets — check

Wifebeaters — check

A hottie walking around town in a trenchcoat — check

A lead singer pining for said hottie walking around town in a trenchcoat — check

A “concert” setting with no cutaways to show the crowd; the lead singer pointing directly to me (!); said lead singer give periodical sideways glances to a conveniently placed secondary camera — check

It has it all, I say. Seriously, I love The Outfield. Notice the tense I used there – it’s present. I STILL love The Outfield, and while some people may look at “Your Love” as being a One Hit Wonder, for me that was just the song that introduced them to me. “Say It Isn’t So” is my fave of theirs and I can’t help but jam out to it when shuffle grants me a listen.


So, for those of you who may actually be reading, thank you. Hearing this song recently is what really prompted me to get going with some writing – however short – again. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this up, but I’m going to house these entries here and who knows what ends up becoming of it. If nothing else, I hope it sheds some insight into what’s going on in my head when I hear a song (or see a video), and takes you to that spot of yours as well.